Monday, March 29, 2010

PAX:EAST 2010 - Favorite Photo

My favorite picture was of course the one with me and Bayonetta.

Sunday - PAX:EAST 2010 - Boston

My Photos from the PAX:EAST 2010 show.

Joe Danger - PSN Game coming this Spring

I got the chance at PAX:East yesterday to play this great little game called Joe Danger. You are able to do stunts with a motorcycle, but the bike handles almost like a platformer. I had way too much fun and I'm looking forward to it coming out this spring. The game is made by these independent developers called Hello Games and there are only four of them.

Some Flip video footage of me playing the game at PAX:EAST

Joe Danger Coming to the PSN

Saturday, March 27, 2010

PAX:EAST Trip Part 4

I made it to Portland and I'm at my brothers house.

PAX:East Trip part 3

The bus just stopped off across from the Brunswick Naval Air Station
The base is scheduled for closure in 2011.

Pax:East Trip part 2

Just past Bath Iron Works They build Arleigh Burke class destroyers there.

Trip to PAX:EAST - Part 1

I'm taking the bus down to Portland and it's nuts, the bus has WiFi and internet access all the way down. I'm posting on twitter and facebook and even uploading photos and downloading files.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Various PS3 Rumors and Upcoming Releases

Giveaway: 7 Section 8 game download codes for PS3 - Video Games Blogger
PS3 Gamers Rejoice: Section 8 Arrives With Better Graphics And Gameplay

(EU)PSN Store Update: 25/03/10 « TheSixthAxis

Two free maps to come with Fat Princess patch 1.05

Zen Studios Announces Planet MiniGolf Coming Exclusively to PSN Spring 2010
Zen Studios

Rumor: Manhunt 3 PS3 Exclusive | Just Push Start
Rumor: Sony Makes Huge Exclusivity Deals

Destructoid - Killzone 3 confirmed

Rumor: Gran Turismo 5 demo incoming - SCRAWL

Rumour: PSN Users Seen Playing 'Motorstorm 3' - News (PS3)

PlayStation LifeStyle » PS3 Review – Yakuza 3

HP Slate to Arrive in June for $540?

Netflix now shipping instant streaming discs for Wii

Torne - Japanese PS3 DVR

Playstation 3 Beating Up Japan
The reason for the system's sudden surge are Torne and Yakuza 4, both released on the 18th.

Torne is a Japan-only kit that converts your PS3 into a DVR.
The sub $100 kit sold 62,000 units and sold out at many shops|torne(トルネ)™
PlayStation 3 accessories - Wikipedia

YouTube - [HD] PS3 torne トルネ Revew

Japanese retailers selling out of PS3 'torne' DVR peripheral

The New Blogspot Blog Thingy

So I've been watching the warnings about Blogger not publishing via FTP after April. I finally got my act together and setup and Blogspot blog and have re-directed my domain to the new address. You should be able to still go to and be re-directed or to the blogspot address of

I was looking at some of site and realized, yes I've been blogging for over 10 years now. I used some crazy cgi-bin script in the beginning and then switched over the Greymatter. I used and broke Greymatter for 5-6 years and then switched over to Blogger and FTP'd my posts for 4-5 years now. I could have tried some other options, but I figured this would be the most hassle free way to get thing going with alot of major changes or headaches.

PS3 Gaming & Videos

News: The 50 Best PS3 Games -
I've got like 15 of them.

Just Cause 2 (ps3) reviews at

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Maps - Planet Battlefield

Movie Gadget Friday: 2001: A Space Odyssey -- Engadget
How accurate was Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" about the future? - Martin Belam's currybetdotnet blog - 18 February, 2009

Florida Vampire Now Running For President - Vampires - io9

Caroline Cartwright: the world’s noisiest woman at lovemaking
Neighbour with sex Asbo arrested for noisy sessions