Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Communist Central - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 05/29/12
Communist Central - Obama's Socialist Scheme - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 05/29/12

Defense Industry Campaign Contributions Create Incentive For ‘Pentagon Pork’
Senate panel backs $631 billion in defense spending | Reuters

US defense budget debate touches on Afghanistan, NASCAR
The department spent about $96 million last year to sponsor sporting events, including $20 million on a single NASCAR auto race, as part of its marketing effort to recruit volunteers, one official said.

Republicans Move to Cut Military's Alternative Fuels - Businessweek

How Facebook's Timeline is like genital herpes
Facebook’s Zuckerberg drops off top billionaires list
Facebook co-founder  "I don't like showing my private life online"

Kim Dotcom wins right to FBI files

Mitt Romney's iPhone app spells 'America' incorrectly - CNET

Israel hints it may be behind 'Flame' super-virus targeting Iran

New ‘Digital Divide’ Seen in Wasting Time Online - NYTimes

Sony reveals Battlefield 3 Premium release date, price - Eurogamer
TSA Employee Stole $50k Worth of Electronics - Slashdot

Police identified Rudy Eugene, 31, as the "zombie" killer.

Aspirin: The New Anti-Cancer Wonder Drug? - Forbes
Calcium supplements may raise heart attack risk

Reddit - Some general tips from an A4-Inferno player regarding gear. : Diablo
Reddit - 45 (and Growing) Tips and Tricks for D3. Come Look and Help the List Grow! : Diablo
Reddit - Let's discuss good level 60 farming strategies! : Diablo

Chunky - Minecraft Raytracing

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Note to Self: Siri Not Just Working for Me, Working Full-Time for Apple, Too
IBM blocking Siri on employees' iPhones due to security concerns | The Verge

Why Women Date Assholes

Governments pose greatest threat to internet, says Google's Eric Schmidt
Senator admits: SOPA “really did pose some risk to the Internet”

Facebook at $22 Seen in Structured Warrants - Businessweek
Inside Fumbled Facebook Offering -

Apple applies for optical stylus patent, Hell reports coldest day on record - Engadget
How Tim Cook is changing Apple - Fortune Tech

Google+ for Android update brings new look, now lets you start Hangouts from a phone

Trefael Stone reveals stone age burial chamber

Where did dogs come from? It turns out we don’t really know | Ars Technica

Google pumps cash into UK classrooms, will buy Arduino, Raspberry Pi sets for kids

(FCC) Julius Genachowski voices support for capped, tiered broadband -- Engadget

Blue Screen vs. Green Screen: What's the diff? - Straight Dope
why a 'green screen'?
Demo Reel Shows Just How Much Green Screen Is on TV

Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel - YouTube

Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers
Birth Control's 89% Approval Rating Shows It's a Non-Issue - The Atlantic Wire

Move over Segway, Honda introduces the Uni-Cub
Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device - YouTube

Penny Arcade - Extra Credits – Harassment

FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit |  CNET News

Poll shows strong support for legal marijuana: Is it inevitable?

Diablo 3 leveling - What happens after level 60?
Got a question about Diablo III | GameShampoo
I'm level 60, how do I farm gear? - Diablo III


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Monday, May 07, 2012

Worried about online porn? Don't regulate the net – regulate your kids | guardian

Microsoft officially launches $99 Xbox 360 with two-year contract | The Verge

Dino Farts Likely Caused Mesozoic Climate Change, Say Dino Fart Scientists

A Ban on Kissing? The Right-Wing Sexual Fears in New Abstinence Bills

Starhawk Review - PlayStation 3 Review at IGN

Why Instagram Is Terrible for Photographers, and Why You Should Use It |

World News - 400 protesters arrested hours before Vladimir Putin's return to Russian presidency
06.05.2012 Марш миллионов. Москва. Беспорядки. - YouTube

NASA, ESA confirm hacks; The Unknowns says systems patched | ZDNet

Just Friends? Guys Reveal Sexual Interest in Gal Pals | LiveScience

Facebook Photo Sinks Man Who Stole Police Gas | The Smoking Gun
Bond set at $105k for woman accused of hiding pot in privates
Cops: Bullet casing falls out of suspect's rear end during search

'Wired To Run': Runner's High May Have Been Evolutionary Advantage : NPR

How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet -

Miyamoto: Vita needs games - Edge Magazine

Discovery Channel purchases Revision3 for 'roughly $30 million' | The Verge

Google Invests In Machinima YouTube Gamer Channel - Peter Kafka - Media - AllThingsD

The Mother's Prayer for its Daughter on Vimeo

CCP unapologetic over “pissed off” EVE Online players | VG247
Eve Online: the controversy, the economy and the coming Inferno

Funny IKEA Commercial - YouTube

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Russia warns on missile defence deal with Nato and US

Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed at GOP Convention
Rick Scott allows guns at GOP convention to ‘protect’ citizens from ‘protests’
“The absurdity of banning squirt guns but not being able to do anything about real guns is patently obvious,” Buckhorn explained.

EA 'destroying' gaming, says Minecraft creator -
Red 5 Studios CEO denounces consoles and publishers | Massively

MechWarrior Online reveals the first in-game screens of the Catapult
My newly constructed battlemech cockpit! - MechWarrior Online

Biggest Tech Failures of The Last 10+ Years - TechSpot Guides
Religious websites riskier than porn for online viruses: study

1859's "Great Auroral Storm"—the week the Sun touched the earth

Samsung unveils Galaxy S III phone with quad-core, Android ICS

Drunk guy sings entire “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the back of a police car

The killing agency: Wildlife Services' brutal methods leave a trail of animal death
The Akira Bike of Your Dreams Is Racing Across Japan
BBC News - Jason Statham: Billion dollar man
US alcohol retailers find law changes hard to swallow

NC Pastor Who Told Congregants to Punch Their Effeminate Children Claims It's What Jesus Would Have Said

Spicy Tapatio Pasta

NYC Municipal Archives

Astro Defenders & the Goose - Cyclone of the Stars - YouTube
Jackin Off in Traffic - YouTube
Stupid Hoe, Legalize Gay. - YouTube
Lion tries to eat baby PART 1. - YouTube

TymetheInfamous - YouTube

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sun may soon have four poles, say researchers

Talk:Nerd/GEEK - Wikipedia

Richard Schiffman: Guess What Drugs and Illegal Substances Are Showing Up in Chicken?
Arsenic in Our Chicken? -

Ben Franklin would say our online liberty is the same as liberty itself
Law Professor: Megaupload Prosecution A 'Depressing Display Of Abuse Of Government Authority'

Apple to crush carriers, become direct service provider


Top 5 Things that Cause Brain Farts

Boy, 11, urinates on $36K worth of Apple MacBooks
I'm leaving the internet for a year | The Verge
FBI Fliers Reveal Profile Of A Perfect Terrorist (They Pay For Coffee With Cash, Apparently)
Wis. Mother and Son Killed in Different Auto Accidents - ABC News

Angry Birds Space racks up 50 million downloads
Meteorites found in California along path of weekend fireball
How Apple dodges billions in taxes: A concise guide

The Death Of Facts In An Age Of 'Truthiness' : NPR

BBC News - Web War II: What a future cyberwar will look like

Mobile Phone Use During Pregnancy Could Cause ADHD In Children, Warn Experts

When Did Video Game Characters Start Looking This Damn Good?

The PSN hack: one year on • News •

The Most Embarrassing Star Wars Official Merchandise This Side of Hoth

Review: Guinness Black Lager -

Diary of a Sex Clown: Life Lessons from a Clown Fetishist [NSFW?]

Basket Heads
the Basket-Head Monks

Surreal Photos/Photoshops

70 [NSFW] Tatooos
[NSFW] Female Bodybuilder
OMONA THEY DIDN'T! Endless charms, endless possibilities