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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Netflix Passes Piracy in U.S. Net Traffic | Epicenter |

Analyst: Early Android Tablet Entries Can’t Compete With iPad
“We believe there is significant price elasticity in the market, and these additional tablets have all in our view failed in one key category: providing a compelling discount to the iPad,” he explains, adding that Android tablet OEMs must cut prices if they’re ever to establish a beachhead against Apple’s tablet.

50 Must-Have Android Apps —
Why Isn’t Google Chrome A Part Of Android? - WP

Video – John Stewart On the O’Reilly Show (Unedited) Dvorak Uncensored

Chinese Lantern | SPACE AVALANCHE
work environment | SPACE AVALANCHE

Android TV set top box brings Android 2.2 to your living room | Ubergizmo - Google

Google offers secure searching to protect from nosy bosses and ISPs |

'Taint hard to find a physical link to male fertility - Boing Boing

We Took a Field Trip to the Minecraft School - Kotaku

The bulletproof dog that stormed bin Laden lair -


Update on PSN Password Reset Process – PlayStation Blog
Nyleveia - Sony » Warning All PSN Users: Accounts are still not safe.
PSN Password Reset Exploit Discovered; Web-Based Sign-In Services Taken Offline -

Terraria on Steam
Terraria Official Site

Terraria - Wikipedia
Terraria Wiki - Terraria Wiki
Terrareddit - Reddit

Terraria launch a huge success | PC Gamer
2D Minecraft-alike Terraria is out today | PC Gamer

Monday, May 09, 2011

YouTube - Brink Launch Trailer

PS3 Brink release unaffected by PSN hack News | hacked, X-Factor contestant details leaked |

Anonymous Under Civil War? - Slashdot

Twitter / @MusterBuster: Once again, 31st May is th ...
Once again, 31st May is the date for FULL restoration of PSN services. Restoration is phased. Online gaming will return BEFORE May 31st.

Twitter / @Cardinal Rose: Online gaming will return ...
Online gaming will return before May 31st

Sony ‘Uncertain’ On Return of PlayStation Network |

Sony may have headed off planned weekend attack | Circuit Breaker - CNET News

Sony’s Stock Drops 2.08 Billion Dollars Since PSN Outage
Sony has lost around 8% of it’s stock price thanks to the PSN crash | Lazygamer

Sony Japan's PSN Intrusion Graphic

News: New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 screens -

YouTube - Allie MacKay - Shake Weight workout part 2 (6 AM Newscast)

Melatonin may help in weight loss -
Coffee, exercise may raise stroke risk for some -

Inside women's sexual brains, preferences and porn
"The male sexual brain is like a single toggle switch, whereas the female sexual brain is like the cockpit of an F1 fighter jet," Gaddam said. "There are tons of dials and instruments, and there's sophisticated calibration going on."

Love, pleasure, duty: Why women have sex -

Trust Me, I'm a Scientist: Scientific American

Dads May Influence Kids' Eating More Than Moms

FBI - Tracking Device Teardown - iFixit

Geekosystem - Your Geek Guide To Tech & Internet Culture

[SOLVED] Dungeon Keeper 2 on Vista / Windows 7
HOW-TO: Dungeon Keeper 2 in Vista - Vista Forums
YouTube - Dungeon Keeper 2 under Windows 7 64 bit version
YouTube - Dungeon Keeper 2 Vista/Windows 7 Fix
Dungeon Keeper 2: How to run under XP/Vista/Win7 - Dungeon Keeper 2 - Neoseeker Forums

Cooper the Cat Photographer | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities

Naked Girls with Masks on Photography Served [NSFW]