Monday, February 13, 2012

Mitt Romney wins support of Maine caucus-goers
Romney won 39 percent of the poll votes; Texas Rep.
Ron Paul took 36 percent of the vote

ITV warns Apple off iTV name | CNET UK

Apple tries to ban Ice Cream Sandwich | CNET UK
Apple Launches New Legal Attack On Samsung - Slashdot

Samsung's Latest Tablet Packs Last Year's Specs
Unless Samsung plans to offer this tablet for an incredibly low price--and I'm talking less than $200--there's not much appeal to the Galaxy Tab 2, other than the operating system.

Twisted Metal Review in Progress - PlayStation 3 Feature at IGN

Sony spending $50 million on Vita marketing campaign

Minecraft Pocket for Android adds zombies, Survival mode

Sony's PlayStation Vita and the state of portable gaming: two Verge editors face off | The Verge

BBC confronts Facebook troll | Technically Incorrect - CNET News
BBC News - Panorama - Panorama confronts an internet troll

Hacker threatens to expose porn users - The Independent

Acton family: Remove 'under God' from Pledge of Allegiance

Darth Vader was mentally ill, in case you're wondering

Do Pheromones Play a Role in Our Sex Lives?: Scientific American

Electric Vehicles Pollute More than Gas-Powered, Study Says

Time to give SETI a chance - New Scientist

Clueless Congressman Thinks Onion Article on ‘Abortionplex’ Was Real
John Fleming links to Onion story on Facebook - Mackenzie Weinger -

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) - IMDb
Exclusive First Look — The Official Trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter | Entertainment |
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - Official Trailer (HD) - YouTube

Guild Wars 2 - Asura Guardian Gameplay Hidden Miniboss and Nightmare Court - YouTube - Blood Drive Playstation3 Game Activision Used and New: Bejeweled 3 (with Zuma & Feeding Frenzy 2)

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