Thursday, June 07, 2012

Apple files motion for preliminary ban on Samsung Galaxy S III in US
Factory workers riot at Foxconn China plant - CNN

China Forbids International Tourism to Tibet Indefinitely

Sony says next-gen isn't about being cheapest or first

Sony – our competitors “are losing the plot” with gamers | VG247

Portal 2 adding PlayStation Move support, new levels later this year

Has Android lost its mojo? | ExtremeTech

38 Studios declares bankruptcy, formal investgation begins regarding finances | Joystiq

Mass Murderer Angered over World of Warcraft Connection

Humble Indie Bundle V adds Braid, Super Meat -

6.46 million LinkedIn passwords leaked online | ZDNet
Hackers crack more than 60% of breached LinkedIn passwords hacked, change your password
MD5 password scrambler 'no longer safe' | ZDNet

Survey: 1 in 3 Facebook users getting bored with the social network

'Social-Media Blasphemy': An Academic Adds 'Enemy' Feature to Facebook

Dotcom info not 'physical' so FBI denies breaking... |

Gaming handhelds relegated to 'niche' status by iOS, Android

THD N2-A is a KIRF MacBook Air that runs Ice Cream Sandwich for $149, we go hands-on (video) -- Engadget

Snakebyte tablet gaming controller for Android and iOS hands-on -- Engadget

Space Bundle on Steam
X3: Terran Conflict on Steam

Gay Dads From JCPenney Father's Day Ad Overwhelmed By Support - YouTube

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