Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Romney is out of touch: in 2010 he made more than the median household income... in 5 hours

Democrats cast GOP as ‘out of touch’ using Romney donor’s quote
Romney Says There's Nothing Hidden in His Unreleased Tax Returns
What Mitt Romney Is Really Worth: An Exclusive Analysis Of His Latest Finances - Forbes
GOP frets about swing state toll on Romney from Bain attacks - NBC
Biden to Latino group: ‘Mitt Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won’t show us his’
Shots by Murdoch at Romney Play Out to Conservative Core

Executive Order Grants US Gov't New Powers Over Communication Systems - Slashdot
Verizon Wants The "Freedom" To Edit Your Internet Google set to pay cookie privacy fine to FTC says report

Pelosi-Boehner photo: lots of buzz

Game console Ouya to bring gaming back to the TV | Tech Culture
OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console by OUYA — Kickstarter

Keep 32 molecule discovered, kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay | Geek
Wisconsin Nude Beach Draws opposition - NYTimes
Wii U processing speed low compared to 360, PS3, says Tekken producer

Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB Smartphone Review - Legit Reviews
Samsung Galaxy S III best of new Android phones | The Salt Lake Tribune

Motherload of all Android Tablet, Behold the 21.5 Full HD KOUZIRO SmartDispla

Jelly Bean for all: Google publishes Android 4.1 code | Ars Technica

'Depraved' sex acts by penguins shocked polar explorer

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