Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gay marriage backers: NY vote has national impact

Google: 500,000 Android devices activated each day | ZDNet

What Do You Love? Google Knows. - NYTimes.com
What do you love?

Hackers Gone Mild: 6 Rebels Turned Insiders - PC Advisor

Astronomers: Incoming Near-Miss Asteroid Calculations Wrong

Raise Your Glass: 10 Intoxicating Beer Facts | Benefits of Beer | Hangovers & St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest | LiveScience

Russian Astronomer: Humans Will Encounter Aliens In 20 Years

Anonymous takes down Orlando site; promises more there daily

Former PlayStation 3, iPhone hacker gets a job at Facebook

Sony's Stringer Takes Pay Cut as Profit Drops - WSJ.com

New DLC - IGN: Brink Screenshots

Zen Pinball: Sorcerer’s Lair (DLC) on PlayStation 3 Review - PushSquare.com

Microsoft uncovers scary virus - You have to reinstall your OS if you catch it | TechEye

Trickling information about the Adventure Update : Minecraft 1.8
Already implemented are new complex terrain features, at least one new mob, some interesting new combat mechanics, a new lighting engine, and some experimental new gameplay ideas. To come is more interesting farming, bigger incentives to explore, and npc villages.

Up to eleven - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LulzSec Over, Release Battlefield Heroes Data

Electronic Arts hack: Customer info stolen from BioWare unit

YouTube - Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation Zombies In the Jungle Trailer [HD]

Woman accused of spraying cops with breast milk
Poopy peeper explains why he's not a perv

Monk & a Gal with her Ipod - Twitpic

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