Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anonymous Calls For Mass Boycott Of PayPal - Forbes

In ‘Anonymous’ Raids, Feds Work From List of Top 1,000 Protesters |

LulzSec hacking suspect ‘Topiary’ arrested in the Shetland Islands | Naked Security

Congress Web sites crash after Obama’s speech (#DearCongress)
Frustrated over debt ceiling debate? Here are 4 places on social media to vent

The 404 869: Where Boehner has become a dirty word (podcast) | The 404 Podcast - CNET Blogs

cnet - Latest News

The Guantanamo Files -

Android Market Update Rolling Out Today, Adds Movies and Books

Top 5 tablets | Top 5 - CNET

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 major software update unveiled Aug 3 in New York | Android Central

Connecticut mountain lion 'crossed US' before death

BBC News - Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court

Carving found in Gower cave could be oldest rock art

Worms Ultimate Mayhem revamp announced - Shacknews
The Worms series' two 3D entries, Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem, are being revamped for re-release in Worms Ultimate Mayhem.

Limbo hitting PS3 July 19, PC August 2

DICE discusses Battlefield 3 console multiplayer Changes
He also called the multiplayer maps "more or less" the same. "When we say they are smaller, it's not that we have cut them in half. But we tried to compact them slightly to keep the action up. If you compare it to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the maps weren't really small on console. We actually had huge maps even for console. We have the same kind of angle on it right now. We want to create the same experience for PC as for consoles."

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