Friday, July 15, 2011

The Jihad begins in Rockland - Stephen Betts - Rockland
Bill Nemitz: Al Jazeera TV chief a threat? Let's be rational | The Portland Press Herald
Al Jazeera Invitation Draws Protests From Maine's Tea Party
Two sides of the story — Midcoast residents differ on museum's choice of speaker - Shlomit Auciello - Rockland - Camden - Knox - The Herald Gazette

IT'S OFFICIAL: The Whole World Thinks Republicans Are Dangerous Maniacs Threatening Everyone

Google Plus hit 10M users in 2 weeks -
Five Reasons Why I’m Leaving Facebook And Twitter For Google Plus | Reportage | Sabotage Times

OMG/JK: Yes, Of Course You’re In My ‘Friends’ Circle. Swear. | TechCrunch

Google Plus vs. Facebook: 6 Things Google+ Has That Facebook Doesn't

Wired publishes the full Manning-Lamo chat logs - Glenn Greenwald -
Manning-Lamo Chat Logs Revealed | Threat Level |

24,000 Pentagon files stolen in major cyber breach, official says - The Washington Post

FBI to investigate News Corp - Boing Boing

RAGE Behind the Scenes The Arsenal [HD]
Dead Island- Xian Mei Gameplay

TSA Continues to Defend Homeland From Ancient Ladies - Jeffrey Goldberg - National - The Atlantic

Decline of predators such as wolves throws food chains out of whack, report says

Microsoft Social Media Site Accidentally Revealed - Slashdot

Katamari Creator To Work On Glitch MMO | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Maps Hit PS3 July 28th

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